Point Of View: High Speed Rail

How many people are actually going to fight traffic to get to Burbank -- to ride a train that ends up in Madera? Probably not very many.

After three years of delays, the California High Speed Rail Authority recently announced that construction of the bullet train was finally underway.

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Ground was broken for a bridge in Fresno which, according to the Rail Authority, was the first step towards completing the route from Madera to Burbank.

The Rail Authority claims this route will be completed by 2022. Really, 2022?! I would imagine it will be much later, considering that only one-fourth of the land right-of-ways have been secured.

But that is only half of the story.

The state does not even have enough money to get to Burbank. The Rail Authority only has enough cash to go from Madera to somewhere south of Bakersfield, which is approximately 130 miles.

In fact, all the money the state currently has available is around $11-Billion -- including Prop 1A bond funds and Federal money.

There is no more money coming from Congress.

The House recently voted to take away current federal funding for California's HSR because it is way behind schedule -- and they feel the likelihood of completion is near impossible. Also, there is no evidence any money is coming from the private sector.

The Rail Authority's own project update report makes it clear that it will cost at least $8 billion dollars more than they currently have, to complete the route from Madera to Burbank.

Californians will have spent billions of dollars for nothing, leaving miles of pretty much useless track. Governor Brown will continue to turn to the taxpayers for more money to fund his train to nowhere.

Governor Brown -- Come to your senses! Put a stop to your so-called bullet train and spend our tax dollars on projects that will actually benefit the state, not just your legacy.

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Kevin T. Hale,
Vice President and General Manager
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