'Planet of Names' gives your signature a makeover

Do you hate your handwriting? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

One East LA woman has created a business helping people switch up their signatures. 

Priscilla Molina is a signature designer. What does she do? She says to think of it as a makeover for your handwriting. 

The idea started as a creative outlet for her, prompted by a lesson on email signatures during a creative writing course.

Now her business "Planet of Names" is booming. She even has celebrity clients.

"Athletes. A lot of athletes, definitely people that still use their autographs– that are still being asked for autographs," said Molina.

A simple new signature design she comes up with starts at around $20.

The price goes up a bit for more personalized options, a custom stencil, or even private lessons.

She will even create a digital version of your signature, so you can jazz up your next DocuSign.

You can learn more by visiting planetofnames.biz.