Pinterest photo of woman, grandmother used to sell products online without permission

Journalist Kayla Brandon didn't think much of it when she posted a sweet photo of herself and her grandmother on Pinterest. But shortly after it went online she found the photo was being used as an advertisement for wrinkle cream.

It didn't stop there.

The same picture has shown up in ads on websites touting youth serum, smile therapy, and yoga.

All without her permission. All without payment.

She said she was shocked when she saw the photo online but was more concerned for her grandmother's feelings.

"I feel like our society just is obsessed at staying young and this is a woman that I've known my entire life and she's always been beautiful," she said. "She doesn't need makeup. She's really sensitive about her wrinkles and for someone to take this and turn into something negative."

After researching what could be done, Brandon determined that it would be too costly and a waste of time for her to take legal action. She did, however, find other suspect photos being used in ads and has turned her story into a message of warning for others.