Longtime Pasadena school custodian handcuffed at gunpoint on the job

A longtime custodian at a Pasadena school was handcuffed and detained by police over the weekend, sparking outrage from some over how the officers responded to the incident. 

It happened Sunday morning at San Rafael Elementary School. 

According to authorities, officers responded to the scene to investigate a reported burglary in progress. 

Bodycam video released Tuesday shows the custodian on his knees, being handcuffed at gunpoint even though he told officers who he was.

The custodian was later released after officers were able to verify his identity and association with the school by calling the principal.

The district's Superintendent Brian O. McDonald called the interim chief of police and filed a complaint following the incident; however, after reviewing the bodycam video, the city of Pasadena ruled the officers acted accordingly. 

"Our review has concluded that everyone conducted themselves in a professional way and consistent with City of Pasadena and Police Department policies," a statement read.