Parents frustrated school waited to order air purifiers weeks after students fell ill

The first truck carrying air purifiers pulled into Granada Hills High School early Wednesday morning. But some parents say, the delivery is months too late.

"I'm really upset that it took this long to get the air purifiers if that's going to even help," said parent Arlene DeCastro.

Two hundred and ten air purifiers were delivered. SoCal Gas says each one costs roughly a thousand dollars. The company says it's to put parents at ease.

"Air sampling continues to show there are no long term health impacts as a result of this but these scrubbers and air purifiers are really affective in taking any smells out of the room," said SoCal Gas spokesperson Mike Mizrahi.

Parents say their kids have been feeling sick at this school for a while.

"My daughter has been having nausea and vomiting for almost a month...It's really affecting her. She's an honor student and now she's having problems," says parent Mike Boles.

We asked SoCal Gas why the delivery wasn't made sooner. They said the school just put in the request last Wednesday. The school said the timing sounded right but they couldn't comment on why they waited to put in a request.

All of this comes as the Air Quality Management District is now suing SoCal Gas. They say the company has been negligent in regards to the leaking well.

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