Outrage over racial slur printed on Starbucks cup

Starbucks once again in the middle of racism accusations after a racial slur was printed on a customer's cup.

Pedro said he was hurt, felt bad, was insulted, and not just for him, but for everyone of Hispanic descent like him, even for African Americans. He says he was the victim of a racial slur at a La Canada Flintridge Starbucks on Tuesday afternoon, a picture of which was sent to us on our Fox 11 Los Angeles Facebook page by a friend.

He said he ordered his coffee, they asked him his name, he gave it to them, when it was ready they called out "Pedro"" and later, when he looked at his cup, it has the racial slur 'Beaner' printed on it where the name is supposed to be. How could this happen and why?

A Starbucks spokesman in Seattle told me they're launching a full investigation that 'obviously this is not the kind of experience we want our customers to have. We want to make sure it doesn't happen again. 'I do know the manager of the local shop, who would not talk to me when I asked her about this, went to Pedro's place of employment nearby, apologized, offered free coffee and gift cards (rejected) and Pedro's friends and co-workers were outraged on his behalf, saying they didn't want anything for free, they just wanted ''respect '

Starbucks has 238,000 employees in more than 27,000 shops worldwide. This incident, coming on the heels of the widely publicized arrest of two African American men in Philly last month who used the restroom without making a purchase and then supposedly refused to leave when asked, certainly casts this company in a negative light even though these are the actions of a few. The company recognized this after the Philly case, planning to close all its stores for sensitivity training one day later this month .