Oscar snubs this year: Bradley Cooper, Crazy Rich Asians

While there were a lot of Oscar surprises Tuesday morning, there were also some major snubs.

A STAR IS BORN was one of the biggest breakout hits of the year and critics loved it. But yet no best director nomination for Bradley Cooper.

The Wrap's Jeremy Fuster predicts the snub could help Cooper in other categories:

"He's probably the prohibited front runner for the best actor category because he didn't get a best director nomination," says Fuster.

Another blockbuster left out from the top spots: Crazy Rich Asians - the acclaimed romantic comedy with the all-Asian cast.

And apparently wanting to be everyone's neighbor, wasn't good enough for a nomination.

The documentary "Won't you be my neighbor" about Fred Rogers and his popular children's show was the highest grossing documentary at this year's box office.

"A lot of people said - it was accompanied by the phrase, 'This is the movie we need right now' and yet- it didn't get nominated," said Fuster.

Fuster says there were big actors he felt were overlooked too.

"The three biggest acting snubs were Michael B Jordan in Black Panther... Toni Collete in Hereditary, that was big this summer and Ethan Hawke in First Reform which a lot of critics really championed," said Fuster.

So many snubs, but he says unlike previous seasons, no signs of a pattern.

"The Academy really sent a message today of 'we are doing what we want," said Fuster.

A lot of people are also talking about how there weren't any women directors nominated. But Fuster points to two movies that got the most nominations ROMA and THE FAVOURITE.

He says multiple core roles in those movies are female roles. He says that doesn't happen very often, and he sees it as progress.