Hollywood road rage shooting leaves woman injured

A woman was injured during what is being investigated as a road rage shooting in Hollywood Wednesday.

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department responded to the Chevron station at Sunset and Crescent Heights boulevards around 4:24 p.m. 

According to police, the alleged gunman and victim both got out of their vehicles and got into an argument. As both people moved to get back into their cars, the suspect fired a shot at the victim and drove away from the scene, police said. 

FOX 11 spoke with the couple who was involved in the incident. The man and his wife, the woman who was shot, shared their side of the story.



John, who doesn't want his last name released online, was driving with his wife during the afternoon rush hour when another driver, who was inside a blue-ish Jeep Cherokee, honked their horn at the couple whey they came close during a turn.

Both cars continued along Laurel Canyon. At one point, the two cars were side by side, with both parties exchanging angry words. After an argument broke out, the Jeep driver opened fire at John's car, hitting his wife.

The bullet went through the door, through the back seat, into her shoulder and then into her lung. Doctors believe she will make it, but they will not be able to pull the bullet out due to the fact that it is in a delicate spot.

"I feel guilty," John told FOX 11. "Who just takes out a gun and shoots and runs away?"

John says he usually avoids confrontations.

"I don't know why I got pulled into that argument. I'm more on a spiritual, higher level and I avoid that stuff."

The suspect is described as a man in his 20s, with freckles on medium-colored skin with curly hair, light-colored mustache and a goatee.

The vehicle is described as a dark blue gray Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows. The SUV is also described as having rear tail lights as "distinctive," with an X-pattern over it.

John hopes others can learn from the couple's story to not get caught up in moments similar to what they went through.

"Don't let anyone push you into road rage," he said. "Just let it go – I should have."

A GoFundMe page has been launched for the woman who was shot in the violent incident. Those looking to help can click here for more information.