On National Bubble Wrap Day, we explore our addiction to popping it

National Bubble Wrap Day is January 29, and we are ready to celebrate. We've been there-- packing or unpacking, wrapping or unwrapping bubble wrap and suddenly we're faced with the irresistible urge to squeeze.

There's nothing like the satisfaction and relief that comes from a sharp, clean pop. But why does it feel so good?

According to an actual study published in Psychological Reports, subjects who received two sheets of bubble wrap reported feeling both calmer and more awake after popping them. They also experienced higher levels of calmness and alertness than a group that was not granted popping privileges.

It's similar to the stress-relieving power of other hobbies that occupy your hands-- like knitting.

The study author dove deeper, linking the desire to our evolutionary instinct to freeze in our tracks when we experience extreme fear. A similar thing might happen when we're nervous or stressed. Movements like finger tapping or foot jiggling -- or bubble wrap popping! -- release muscle tension, which helps reduce those feeling of agitation.

Now that you can justify your bubble wrap addiction-- get out there and get poppin'!