Ohio man sustains beer-only diet for Lent, gives up food

An Ohio man has given up food for lent to sustain a liquid diet consisting only of beer. 

According to local news outlet WCPO, this is Dell Hall’s fourth consecutive year sustaining a beer-only diet, but he said it’s not about getting drunk. 

"You can, you know, use a beer in a very healthy way and not vilify it as this, you know, evil alcohol," Hall said. He also keeps hydrated and healthy with water and by taking a vitamin. 

This year, Lent ends next week on April 14, and according to WCPO, the Cincinnati resident has already lost 25 pounds with the "diet." 


Del Hall enjoys beer at Cincy Winter BeerFest (Credit: FOX News/WCPO)

Hall’s beer-only diet is also raising money for the Ken Anderson Alliance, an organization that helps adults with physical disabilities. The nonprofit organization’s mission is to create living spaces and opportunities for work that are relevant and rewarding.

Unsurprisingly, the beer-only diet has not received the stamp of approval from most of the medical community. 

"You don’t see any books about the beer diet, because it's not sustainable, and thankfully, this is a Lent thing, not a forever thing," Stephen Feagins, the chief clinical officer at Mercy Health Cincinnati, told FOX. "It's certainly not gonna become a bestseller book."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive drinking can lead to numerous health problems including damage to liver cells, various cancers, high blood pressure and psychological disorders.