Officials investigating after viral video shows local teens using racial slurs

Parents and students are outraged after a video posted to social media shows a group of teenagers from a local high school using racial slurs and insults.

The video is now being investigated by the sheriff's office and the Antelope Valley Union High School District, which condemned the "inexcusable racist behavior.''

The video that surfaced on social media overnight shows a girl putting black-face makeup on a boy while racist comments are uttered.

"It just hurt my feelings watching the video. We never did anything to any of them, I used to be friends with one of them in the group, and that video just felt disrespectful," said Quartz Hills student Thomas Beeks.

The Antelope Valley Union High School District released a statement similar to an email sent to district parents.

The district says the videos show the teens "exhibiting deeply offensive and inexcusable racist behavior. This runs counter to the District's core values of integrity, respect for the individual, diversity and community. We are working on identifying those in the video, while including our law enforcement partners, and will take action as deemed appropriate."