Officer shares precious moment between young girls amidst protests in Charlotte

A police officer and three young black girls shared what he describes was a precious moment amidst protests in Charlotte over the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

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Officer Josh Wood with the Gastonia Police Department, a half hour outside Charlotte, posted on Facebook about the encounter.

"As I was directing traffic at Southwest Middle School, allowing the young kids to cross the street after school let out, I heard a young female voice say, 'Sir!'," the post said.

Wood said that when he looked across the street, he saw three young black girls asking if he could walk over to them.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't at that exact moment. After telling her I'm sorry I can't, she said "well can I walk over there?" I laughed and told her if she wanted to, she better hurry because I wasn't holding traffic much she, along with her 2 friends ran across the road to the front of my patrol vehicle."

It's at that moment that the girls asked if they could take a picture with Officer Wood.

"...then out of nowhere, she pulls out a small card with ALL LIVES MATTER written in big letters!!!!!! She went on to say that she is tired of this "stuff" that is going on in America and wants it to all go away! We went on to take several pictures with our ALL LIVES MATTER signs!!"

"I had the pleasure of meeting these 3 very special young ladies, that now hold their own little place in my heart!! If we would all take a step back and have the courage and passion as these three young ladies, we might actually begin to make a difference in America."