'No complaints' from Largo woman on her 107th birthday

Antonietta Montin has had a lot of birthday parties. This one is her 107th.

She was born May 29, 1911. There were only 46 states back then. No television. And very few cars.

"I remember horse wagons on First Avenue when I was 12 years old," she said. "Not too many of them, because at that time, automobiles were just starting to come in focus."

Today, the focus was on Antonietta. A hula dance performance and a serenade here a part of the party.

We asked her what her secret was to living so long.

"Key to longevity? Sex!" she laughed, adding, "they get a kick out of that. It's not true."

"I've got that Italian blood," she continued. "And I have beautiful, three children. I have no complaints about family. They're all grown-up -- nice, beautiful children."

And the most important, she says, is enjoying every day as it comes.

"Just day by day. Year by year. And each year, I say I'm still here. People look at me, and they think I'm 70! My life has been full of joy, full of happiness, full of excitement. And I have no complaints."