Newborn won't survive without heart transplant, dad says

A two-month-old baby is in dire need of a new heart after doctors discovered multiple heart defects including several large holes and an irregular heartbeat.

"We were under the impression throughout my wife's entire pregnancy that we were having a healthy baby girl," Steven Moore said.

Twenty-four hours after Steven and Alison Moore's daughter, Avery was born their world turned upside down.

"Her lips and nail beds started turning blue," Moore said. "Even as first time parents, we knew something wasn't right."

Avery's condition was so severe, Moore said, doctors rushed her from an Augusta hospital to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston.

"We have been here for almost two months," Moore said.

This week Avery underwent a procedure that will buy her some time.

"It was a very risky procedure so it was frightening, but the doctors here are out of this world and they were able to kind of close up some of the holes for the time being, but it's not a permanent fix," Moore said.

Moore said he and his wife have been humbled by the outpouring of support from strangers.

"We have so many people praying for us and that's what we need," Moore said. "Of course we have a page for donations for future medical funds but really what we are asking for is just prayers from the community."

Avery's family said infant organ transplants are different than adults.

"It's not a national list," Moore said. "It's a regional one, but it still could be anywhere from 108 days to nine months."

Moore said when he gets the call that his daughter will get a new heart, it will be the happiest day of his life, but it will also be bittersweet knowing what another family will be enduring.

"How do you thank someone enough for giving your daughter an opportunity to survive," Moore said. "I know our hearts will forever be filled with appreciation for the family who had compassion and mercy for our baby girl."

Moore said he hope's Avery's story raises awareness about the local and national need for infant organ transplants.

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