Neighbor steps up to help save TV personality Dax Holt's home during OC wildfire

The saying "Love Thy Neighbor" was not taken lightly on Monday in an Anaheim Hills neighborhood affected by the 7,500-acre fire that prompted evacuations.

Dax Holt, well-known to FOX LA audiences, was in for a generous surprise. The former TMZ personality watched, live on his home security camera, a Good Samaritan try to protect his home from fire damage.

But it wasn't enough for Jason Standiford. The 27-year-old stayed behind.

A very determined Standiford, seen on camera with a hose, is Holt's next-door neighbor. Holt watched his neighbor spray down his property all while it was happening. He saw it live from his security camera.

Like any mother, Debbie Standiford was alarmed and worried. She said she kept calling and telling her son to be safe and leave.

Standiford wanted to stay and spray.

The act, generous and appreciated, spread like a fire as Holt did the same thing and sprayed one of his neighbor's property.

"It was cool to see a neighbor do something unprompted. We didn't ask him to do it, but he was out there."

Leah Uko contributed to this report. To stay up to date with Leah's coverage, connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.