Nearly a dozen decaying, mummified bodies of adults, kids found at Sun Valley funeral home

The owner of a funeral home in Sun Valley is facing multiple charges for failing to properly bury human remains. 

According to LA City Attorney Mike Feuer, 22 criminal charges have been filed against Mark B. Allen Jr. after the non-cremated remains of 11 people, including infants, were found in stages of decay and mummification.

The remains were found on two separate occasions over the past year.

"We’re fighting to get justice for these families in this incredibly sad and shocking situation.11 people died, including very young children, and the funeral director hired to compassionately prepare the bodies for burial allegedly just let them rot, with neither the decency nor the dignity that all our loved ones deserve. Their deaths are one tragedy, and this alleged monstrous mistreatment is a second tragedy," Feuer said.

The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, the L.A. County Coroner’s Office and LAPD, opened an investigation into the mortuary after receiving complaints from family members.

During a press conference Friday, Feuer said that the odor was so bad that officials arriving to the scene could detect it from outside the facility. 

The mortuary, located on San Fernando Road, has since closed down. 

Allen faces the maximum penalty of up to $110,000 and up to 11 years in jail.