National Weather Service confirms tornado touched down in Ventura

The National Weather Service on Thursday confirmed that an EF0 tornado touched down near the Ventura Harbor on Christmas Day causing damage.

"A narrow EF0 tornado touched down near the Santa Clara River and moved less than 1 mi NNW across the harbor. Damage was limited to trees, roof tiles, and canopies," tweeted the National Weather Service.

Several of those canopies were attached to businesses at the harbor. One of the businesses impacted by the tornado's path was Andria's Seafood Restaurant located at 1449 Spinnaker Dr. A, which according to a National Weather Service preliminary report, "The...canopy from the south side of the building was blown onto a fishing boat in the harbor."

The tornado was reportedly between 25-30 feet wide and hopped along its path, according to officials who say the damage was not consistent.

A Wind Advisory will be in effect from 6 p.m. Thursday until 6 a.m. Friday for the cities of Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo. The gusty winds are expected to make driving difficult and blow around loose objects and tree limbs.