Mother, daughter exchange heartbreaking text messages during Great Mills High School shooting

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A mother and daughter exchanged heart-wrenching text messages as the horrific Great Mills shooting unfolded.

Authorities were on the scene of a shooting at Great Mills High School in Saint Mary's County, Maryland where three people have been transported.

And as the scary moment unfolded Maria Sanchez Sokolowski shared, exclusively with FOX 5, the text messages between her daughter Trinity, a student at Great Mills High School.

In the text messages, Trinity frantically tells Sokolowski about a "giant boom" she heard in the school's hallway and when asked about her location, she responds,"We're in my class in the back of the room with the lights off and the doors shut and locked."

Sokolowski attempts to calm her scared daughter and tells her that she'll be there as soon as possible.

They exchange "I love you's" before Trinity tells her mom they are still under lockdown.

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