Morrow Woman's Online Rant Declares 'Open Season' on 'White People'

Her YouTube remarks are offense and profane, but they are protected by Free Speech Guidelines under the First Amendment. But authorities said Latausha Nedd is behind bars without bond because she crossed the line.

Clayton County investigators said her September 20th podcast incites others to kill police and, in the video, she also declares "open season" on white people.

The Morrow woman was arrested at her apartment Thursday and charged with criminal solicitation as well as making terroristic threats. Nedd is also charged with simple battery and child cruelty. Police said she assaulted a 14-year-old with a belt, leaving behind visible wounds and marks.

A Clayton County judge denied bond for three out of four of the charges. He set a $3,000 bond for simple battery.

"I understand the first two charges, but I don't understand the last two charges. I don't even have a kid. Are you sure that charge is for me?" Nedd asked the judge Friday morning in court.

A court-appointed attorney was assigned to the case when she told the Judge she did not have a job. Her next court appearance is October 15.