Moby channels passion for animal rights into Silver Lake vegan restaurant

Moby is known around the world for his music, but he's also steadfast in animal rights activism and has been vegan for almost three decades.

"If someone held a gun to my head and told me I had to choose between music and animal rights activism, I would choose animal rights activism," he explained. "Because the music, I love it and it's so enjoyable, but I don't know if I'm helping the world through making music. Whereas animal rights activism I can actually see the direct result."

Most recently, Moby opened a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood called "Little Pine," which offers an extensive plant-based menu that is 100 percent organic.

Little Pine is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and all of the profits go to animal welfare organizations.

"This incredibly stressful thing, I can never make a penny from it," he said.

If you are simply a fan of his music, Moby also has a new book titled Porcelain: A Memoir in which he shares stories about the "dysfunctional glory days" of his life in New York from 1989 to 1999.

"Porcelain: A Memoir is also about the underground hip hop and house music scenes of the late 80's, and the birth of the club kids and the rave scene," he writes on his website.

"I start the book as a sober Christian in a tiny loft in an abandoned factory, and I end the book in a very different place. I tried to be as honest as I could be."

Porcelain: A Memoir is available now.

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