Miraculous recovery for 2-year-old after drowning in pool

La Verne police officers were dispatched to a drowning of a 2-year-old in the area of Allen Ave and Ramona Ave. La Verne PD dispatch advised the responding officers that baby Logan was unresponsive and it was unknown as to how long he was in the pool.

Furthermore, dispatch advised there was a nurse on scene and starting CPR. Officer Alvarado arrived on scene three minutes after the call was dispatched. When Officer Alvarado arrived on scene he was advised by the nurse that Logan was unresponsive and did not have a pulse.

Officer Alvarado and the nurse performed CPR on Logan for approximately 4 minutes. In the meantime, Corporal Scranton arrived on scene and checked for a pulse while Officer Chavira attended to Logan's grieving mother.

LVFD paramedics arrived on scene and took over CPR and discovered Logan had a pulse. LVFD paramedics quickly transported Logan to Pomona Valley Hospital ER, who was awaiting his arrival. When Logan arrived at PVCH, his pulse was going in and out, but ER staff was able to maintain a pulse.

Initial x-rays of Logan's little body did not look promising as the nurses said he had taken in a lot of water. At approximately 8 pm, an emergency medical team from Loma Linda Children's Hospital arrived at PVCH and took over care of Logan and transported him via ambulance to Loma Linda Children's Hospital.

At Loma Linda, Logan received specialized care, but unfortunately his outcome did not appear to have a promising outcome.

On 08-19-15, the #1 Neurological team from Loma Linda notified Logan's family that there was little hope for Logan, and even if he woke up he would have severe brain damage. He told them to prepare themselves for this fact.

On 08-21-15, Logan showed signs of improvement and started breathing on his own. The respirator was removed and he began moving his limbs. The tubes were removed from his lungs with great discomfort, while his mother stood by his side and whispered words of encouragement. After the tubes were removed, Logan said, "Mom, hold you."

Later in the day the Neurologist came back into the room and told the family, "It's a happy day when we are proven wrong like this." ICU began calling Logan the "Miracle baby."

Logan's condition continued to improve and he began responding to voices and even said "Poppy" which is his great grandfather George. That evening, Taylor was able to hold her baby for the first time since the incident.

On 08-22-15, Logan continued to improve and further tests revealed no blockage in his lungs and any further MRI's were cancelled.

On 08-23-15, Office Alvarado visited Logan at Loma Linda Hospital. Officer Alvarado was happy to see Logan sitting up, eating french fries with his father (Morgan) and watching cartoons.

On 08-24-15, Logan the "Miracle baby" was released from the hospital and able to return home without any medical orders. Logan did not display any signs of brain damage upon leaving the hospital and remembers his life as it was before the incident.

On 09-08-15, Logan visited La Verne PD with his mother, father and Poppy. The La Verne police officers shared happy stories with the family and took pictures to celebrate the "Miracle" of life with Logan. The La Verne police officers surprised Logan with a life size teddy bear, which he fell in love with.

La Verne Police Department would like to thank all the first responders, emergency medical staff from Pomona Valley Hospital and Loma Linda Hospital for their great team work to save Logan's precious life.

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