Michaela Pereira announces departure from GDLA

A note from Michaela Pereira:

September 9th, 2022 will be my last day at Fox 11.

I came to the fantastic team at GDLA at a time when the world was challenged in a way we couldn’t even begin to estimate. I am nearly 2 decades into my love affair with Los Angeles/Southern California and this opportunity felt like the best way I could be of service to a place I hold dear.

I was eager to help make sense of what we were in the midst of, through human connection and story-telling; stories that would remind us of our strength, resilience and of our common bonds.

We managed to find connection during a time of isolation.

I'm so proud of the timely work we did.

And now there is a calling again to explore. So off I go to dig into new adventures and new opportunities - things that align with my personal mission and purpose.  Watch this space - I promise to share more with you when I can.

And a word to all of you that have followed this Canadian kid through the years from CHEK TV way back when - until now, THANK YOU! A heartfelt thank you for caring, for cheering me on and most of all for tuning in. You may never fully grasp just how much your hugs and hellos mean to me.