Cyber Security Expert on How Social Media Creates Extremism

The trending Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" has a lot of people taking a closer look at the effects of social media on their opinions and actions. Roderick Jones, CEO of Concentric Advisors joined Good Day LA with a warning, and some tips to keep your family safe.

Garcelle Beauvais keeps it "Real"

Garcelle has just started her new job on "The Real". She talks about her "dream job", making history on a hit reality series, and the job she loves most of all: being a Grandma!

The Dark Side of Social Media "Perfection"

Lots of the "perfect" bodies we see on social media are photo edited to achieve a look that doesn't exist in reality. Mental health advocate and online influencer Victoria Garrick weighs in on the new trend of authenticity and self-acceptance that wants to change how young people feel about themselves when they scroll social media,

Cheryl Hines talks "I Can See Your Voice"

Cheryl Hines isn't a celebrity detective but she plays one on TV. Hines joins other stars for the new FOX series "I can Hear Your Voice" which premieres Wednesday night on FOX11. Hines shares what it was like doing the show and talks about working with Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Danny Trejo explains the importance of giving back

Danny Trejo talks about teaming up the The Everest Foundation for "Bibles & Tacos" and explains why he gives back to those in need as often as possible. The Rams fan also gives his take on the team's new home, SoFi Stadium.

Wealth, power and religion collide in FOX's new show Filthy Rich

A filthy rich southern family famous for their successful Christian TV network must split their father's fortune after a deadly plane crash. Along with a wealth of family secrets. Joining us are stars Kim Catrall and Steve Harris. The show debuts Monday, September 21st on FOX.

Dating tips for single moms

Busy single moms can still get back in the dating game, even during a global pandemic. Dating expert Monique Kelley has advice for any mom looking for love.

California College Savings Plan

California State Treasurer Fiona Ma joins Good Day LA to discuss Scholarshare 529, the state sponsored investment plan to help parents save money so they can help their children with tuition and other expenses.

Swag bag for Emmy nominees features black and female-owned businesses

Sunday is the 72nd Emmy awards celebrating television’s biggest and best shows! With any award show comes a swag bag for the nominees, but this year is different. It's being called a gift bag with purpose. The swag bag features black and female owned businesses as well as companies that are giving back to the community.