Black History Month: Tulsa Race Massacre 100 years later

In 1921, A 19-year-old black man was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old white girl. There was no evidence against him and the alleged victim never accused him or pressed charges. Nevertheless, he was thrown in jail. When a group of white men showed to lynch him, a group of black men showed up to protect him. And a fight broke out. But it's what happened after that fight ended, known as the Tulsa race massacre, that marks one of the darkest chapters in U-S History.

Hard Work, Perseverance Pay Off for Michelle Obama's Assistant

Chynna Clayton is Director of Travel and Event Operations for Michelle Obama, and it's a tough, demanding and amazing dream job. She shares her unique personal story with Michaela Pereira, and her goals of empowering all administrative staff with the pride and determination to be the best they can be.

Heart Disease & Pregnancy: Are You At Risk?

It's more important than ever for women to stay healthy during pregnancy. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of all death among pregnant women. This can affect a woman at any age. Knowing your risk of having a heart attack or stroke while you're pregnant could actually save your life. Medical expert and American Heart Association volunteer Dr. Laxmi Mehta and postpartum stroke survivor Leah Riegert talk about those most at risk and tips for keeping a heathy heart.

Training Teachers to deal with Kid's Post-Pandemic Mental Health

As kids are returning to school, many may be suffering from anxiety or attention issues. They may even be acting out aggressively. Parents are counting on teachers to deal with this post-pandemic trauma. But a lot of teachers are dealing with their own concerns heading back into the classroom. A group of doctors and mental health advocates have a plan to help get those teachers prepared to deal with the challenges they are about to face. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Regime. Muradian talks about the stressers our kids are facing and a proposed bill called 'Team Project Rise', to help train teachers to deal with mental health issues in the classroom.

Rosanna Scotto talks about covering Woody Allen case

There's renewed interest in the ugly custody battle between the famous director and wife Mia Farrow in the new HBO documentary "Allen v Farrow". Good Day New York anchor Rosanna Scotto broke several exclusives in the story, including allegations of sexual abuse from one of their young children. She talks about that and more.

Tips for Dating Over 40

Dating expert Monique Kelley has everything you need to know if you are single and not a kid anymore. Why dating over age 40 can be an empowering and fun experience, and what singles can do to enjoy life with or without a partner.

Sarah Thomas reflects on making history as first female Super Bowl official

Getting to the super bowl takes skill, practice, dedication, tireless work, and sacrifice. And that's not just for the players. A Tom Brady was winning his record 6th title, Sarah Thomas was going into the history books with an accomplishment that may have been even more important, becoming the first female to officiate a Super Bowl. Sarah talks about her history making career, her family and more.

The best Black owned restaurants in LA for Black History Month and year round from Thrillist

As we celebrate Black History Month, food remains one of the best ways to learn and experience different cultures. We have an incredibly rich food scene in L A, and that includes Black owned restaurants and Black chefs. It is as diverse as they come. You can find soul food, Southern inspired restaurants, plant based options and so much more. Danielle Dorsey from talks about some of the best Black owned eateries in Los Angeles.

Campus struggles during covid

Covid has made life on college campuses tougher than ever before. UCLA student Noelle Lipschutz is an RA on campus and co-founder of the "Chances" app...she gives her insight into this new reality.