Breast cancer: what every woman should know

Early detection is the best defense when it comes to breast cancer...but what happens if your worst fear becomes a reality? We talked to a couple of doctors who helped walk us through the process.

Brandon Farbstein

Brandon talks with Michaela about his newest book, "A Kids Book About Self-Love"

Critically acclaimed "Venus as a Boy' now available to stream

Director, writer, and actor Ty Hodges took great care in creating 'Venus as a Boy' and his hard work paid off. It wowed audiences at the Tribeca Flim Festival and now viewers can see why audiences loved the movie because it's now available on demand. Hodges talks about why this movie is so important to him.

Fighting racism in corporate America

Why is there a lack of diversity and representation in companies across the country? Cindi Bright dives into that issue in her new book 'The Color of Courage: Crushing Racism in Corporate America'.

'Goodr' has one simple mesage: Feed more, waste less

Jasmine Crowe founded 'Goodr' in 2017 because she heard how much food gets dumped every year and how many millions go hungry. She talks about her mission, her upcoming pop-up grocery store in Carson, and her new children's book 'Everybody Eats'. To register for Monday's pop-up grocery store in Carson go to

How Danny Casale doodled his way to success

'These simple but cute characters can convey such a message'. Danny Casale has a huge following on Youtube...his animated shorts go viral not just for their funny and random humor but also their positive messages. He talks about how he likes to lull viewers into expecting one thing then having it 'hit you right in the feels'. Casale also has a new book hitting stores in November titled 'UR Special: Advice for Humans from Coolman Coffeedan'.

A president's daughter gives caregivers everywhere a voice

Patti Davis spent more than a decade caring for her father. Former president Ronald Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer's and she was his caregiver. That experience and Patti's message to those who have been thrust into that role are in her new book 'Floating in the Deep End'.