Man climbs onto tow truck for 2 miles after it tows car with dog inside

One man's remarkable effort to protect his dog almost gets him arrested!

Kretos is the 130 pound therapy dog always guiding Ajani Patridge's family

Monday morning, it was Patridge's turn to lead Kretos home.

The bullmastiff was in Patridge's truck when he says ran into his home to get the rest of his family.

"The city has allowed you to park on the apron long ways as long as you vehicle tire isn't on the street or sidewalk," said Patridge.

Parking enforcement, clearly disagreed.

Patridge came out to see them and a tow company loading his Ford Expedition ontro their truck.

His neighbor Debbie saw the entire incident unfold

"When he ran up top - he kept saying sir and mam I just want my dog out of the car I want my dog out of the car," said Debbie.

Patridge says he wasn't going to let the driver leave with his dog.

"I grab on to the top of the truck and I climb up ...over the hood...on top of the windshield which is why it's cracked and climbed on top of his hood and I sat on my truck," said Patridge.

He frantically called police, and a mile into the drive they showed up.

Police handcuffed Patridge and briefly detained him before letting him go

Now Patridge is reunited with the dog, he says he won't ever leave out of his sight

His biggest concern is that animal control wasn't called out before the car was towed.

He fears the dog could have been sitting at the tow-yard for hours in this heat.