Man charged with raping woman in senior facility elevator

A woman was raped at knife-point while waiting for a bus in Ypsilanti.

She escaped with her life while police say the man who did it could not escape the law.

Joshua Oday of Ypsilanti sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman Sunday according to police.

The victim, who is also from Ypsilanti, was waiting at a bus stop. Investigators say Oday pressed a knife up against the back of her coat. He forced her here along the sidewalk and into the Villa at Parkridge, a senior assisted living facility.

Police say Oday then raped the woman in an elevator.

"He's a pretty sick individual," said Dee Vandusen, who was visiting her aunt at the Villa at Parkridge,

Vandusen says neither she or her aunt have been briefed by management about the rape.

FOX 2: "You feel that your aunt is in a secure place?"

"Now that you told me this, no," Vandusen said.

Eric Noland who was visiting his mother said he had no idea a woman was sexually assaulted in the elevator.

"It hurts me and I was startled when you just told me that," Noland said. "I am very upset, I wish they would us when we went in today. I wish they would have let us all know."

FOX 2 wanted to check for access and get a comment - finding the Villa front door unlocked and the door to the front office was also open.

No one was in the front office. FOX 2 was stopped at the elevator and management asked us to leave.

Villa CEO David Mills was reached by phone, he said "We want to maintain the safety and privacy of our patients."

Mills said they also installed new security cameras and a security team.

Vandusen said you must be buzzed at a door by security to get into the patients' living areas.

After the sex assault Joshua Oday was arrested in the area by Ypsilanti Police.

And police are also reminding us about bus stop safety measures and to be aware of our surroundings.