Long Beach spared major damage in second wave of storms

After seeing submerged vehicles in flooded streets and damage to homes and businesses flooded after last week's storms, everyone was bracing for even more damage with this week's stronger atmospheric river.

But Long Beach city officials had reason to celebrate. The pumps that had malfunctioned last week returned to being functional during the weekend. And despite debris from the rivers ending up in the Long Beach area, there was less damage in this second wave of storms. 

The one scary moment was the rescue of 19 people from a sailboat that crashed onto the break wall during the weekend.

"Why they decided to have a [boat race] despite our warnings is beyond me," Long Beach mayor Rex Richardson said. 

Rescuers described battling 6 to 10-foot-waves to get to the sailboat, where they found that several of the people on board did not even know how to swim. 

They were able to rescue everyone, with only one person suffering notable injuries to their leg. 

"Let this be a lesson," added the Mayor. "When we put out advisories it's for the public's well-being. Not only are they putting their own lives at risk, they are putting rescuers' lives in danger, as well."

He adds that people can report debris, like fallen palm fronds and other cleanup needs, by calling 562-570-2700.