LAX expected to be busiest day of holiday travel season

The presents are opened and the kitchen is finally clean.That means holiday travel is in full swing!

If you're one of the lucky ones, you DID NOT have to go to LAX today for a flight, to drop off someone for a flight, or to pick someone up. If you like to keep track of these things, this is expected to be the busiest of all the travel days on the Christmas and New Year's Holidays.

How busy? 255,000 people, though of course there's really not much of a way to make that number relevant.

More than twice the capacity of the Rose Bowl ?

A fraction of the number of Twitter followers Katy Perry has ? It's a lot of people, especially if you're sitting in your car on Century, say, trying to make it into the horseshoe.

You can plan ahead, you can use ride share, you can take the bus, you'll eventually be able to take light rail (2023). There is info available on busy days like today at @flylaxairport which tells you travel times to the airport from 3 different off site points, as well as how long it's expected to take to get around the horseshoe.

This is a pilot program, to help you plan your trip better. (Pro tip, use the lower arrival level for drop offs, usually less busy) .

If you are into finding out how the airport is changing, and how they're ( finally ) connecting with mass transit you can check out their really well done website.