LAUSD teachers to operate under new agreement when students return from spring break Monday

Spring Break ends Monday for the Los Angeles Unified School District, and students and teachers will continue distance learning. 

Parents like Alejandra Delgadillo are adapting to the new teaching schedule. She is keeping her kids, Gustavo and Ricardo, on track with school from home. 

"It's not easy. It's not easy dealing with two children at the same time and making sure they're on top of their assignments," said Delgadillo. 

The family is undergoing some changes to ensure the distance learning process will work for them. 

"We decided to move in with relatives for the time being because it would be easier for us to share resources. At home, we only have one laptop so therefore it would be easier to use my sister's computer here," said Delgadillo. 


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LAUSD invested $100 million to help provide students with technology and devices. UTLA Elementary Vice President, Gloria Martinez, said it's still a work in progress. 

"It's still really hard when you have a city such as ours with such disparity and need to ensure that everyone is up and running within a matter of weeks. We're still working on it. Teachers are frustrated as well but I think it's something that's coming along," said Martinez. 

Teachers with the LAUSD are now operating under a new agreement. UTLA worked with the district to ensure flexibility for teachers. The agreement prohibits the requirement to teach live on video, which is important for teachers who are now balancing home and work life with kids of their own at home. 

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"Right now having a defined set time from 8 to 3 is really unrealistic for so many people and we wanted to make sure that our educators across the city also have that flexibility," said Martinez. 

Teachers will be using other tools and resources to connect with students. 

"Our teachers are using their teacher editions online. They're using a lot of resources that are out there to help continue the instruction at home. You can expect your child's teacher to send a video explaining a certain math problem. You can expect your teacher to send links to museums. You can expect your teacher to send an article and ask for reflections as well," Martinez said. 

Martinez said students and teachers are still sharing a close bond outside of the classroom. 

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"In a world of chaos, our students need to be assured we are there with them. Because of everything that's going on, this bond is really bringing classrooms together. People are really sharing and opening their feelings, relying on each other, their fellow classmates and their teachers to ease their anxiety," said Martinez. 

Delgadillo said she is appreciative of the effort from teachers during the pandemic. 

"It's such a big challenge. We're all trying to adjust and I just gained an appreciation to teachers now for me having to be a teacher as well at home," said Delgadillo. 

The latest numbers show 96 percent of LAUSD high school students, 84 percent of middle school students and 59% of elementary school students are able to successfully connect to distance learning. 

The district's Grab 'n Go meal plan will now operate weekdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. 

Superintendent Beutner is holding a briefing at 11 a.m. Monday. 

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