LAUSD leaders lay out security measures for LA schools

With the shooting in Florida school safety has once again become a major issue on campuses everywhere. Fox 11 has been digging into the safety situation at local LA unified campuses.

The L.A. School Police Chief, the interim Superintendent, the head of Mental Health Services, all of them came together, in front of TV cameras, to tell the public, to remind the public, in Southern California that keeping students safe is their number one priority.

This of course in response to the Florida shooting, but also remembering so many people here are on edge from the ''accidental'' middle school shooting earlier this month.

The LAUSD, the country's second largest, with 700,000 students, has cops on campus, though not enough, but perhaps more importantly, teams of psychologists, counselors, and other mental health experts district wide who try to work together with schools and hopefully parents to make sure kids are coming to school free to learn and unburdened by life's troubles.

As we've seen , it doesn't always work that way, but at LAUSD they have '' Threat Assessment Teams'' which, among other things, respond to complaints, monitor social media, and work with authorities. In the best case scenarios, we never hear about it, because problems are dealt with privately.

Vigilance is the key, and as the School Police Chief Steve Zipperman put it, school safety really starts at home with the parents.

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