LAPD, Consumer Affairs raid pot dispensary in Palms

(FOX 11)

Los Angeles police officers and agents from the state's Department of Consumer Affairs served a search warrant on an alleged illegal pot dispensary in the Palms area today and took six people into custody, authorities said.

The operation took place just before 2 p.m. at "Savings Greens," located at 11221 Venice Blvd., said Bureau of Consumer Affairs, Cannabis Control spokesman Alex Traverso.

(FOX 11)

"We served a search warrant in response to a complaint we received about illegal marijuana sales at this location," Traverso said.

The Cannabis Control office investigates all complaints, Traverso continued.

"We already did surveillance on this location before the raid," he said. "Our agents took everything from the location that wasn't bolted down to make it as difficult as possible for them to start back up."

(FOX 11)

The six people who were arrested were working there, Traverso said. They were cited and charges were pending.

"We really wanted the owner or owners but they usually aren't there when we serve a warrant," Traverso said. "In my experience these people will likely only face misdemeanors and will be released. It just depends on whether they have priors or face outstanding warrants."

Authorities seized more than $300,000 in illegal products, including 600 illegal vapes, Traverso said.