Venice attack: Suspect uses bolt cutter in man’s brutal beating

A man said he’s grateful to be alive after he was viciously attacked in Venice, and it was all caught on camera. 

Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department said the victim was walking home when he got into an argument with two other men on their bikes at the intersection of Market Street and Speedway on Thursday, Sept. 28. 

Surveillance video from the scene shows the confrontation took a violent turn when one of the suspects took out a pair of bolt cutters and proceeded to swing them at the victim. Not only is one of the suspects accused of using bolt cutters, but the video shows he, along with the second suspect, also proceeded to punch and kick the victim, knocking him out cold. 

Following the brutal assault, the suspects took off from the scene on their bikes.

The victim, identified only as Kyle, said he woke up in the hospital connected to tubes and his head wrapped in bandages. 

Kyle’s road to recovery was no easy task. Part of his treatment included doctors draining fluid from his skull.

"Mentally, it has been a little rough, especially the first few weeks coming off it," he said. "I’m healing from it all and just grateful to be here." 

The suspects remain at large.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call the LAPD at 310-482-6395. Those who wish to remain anonymous can submit tips online at LA Crime Stoppers