LA Mayor Bass signs affordable housing executive order

Tackling homelessness has been the top issue for Los Angeles’ new mayor, Karen Bass.

On her first day in office, she declared a state of emergency on homelessness in California’s most populous city.

Now, Bass is moving forward with an effort to boost affordable housing and signed an executive order to address the issue on Friday afternoon.

According to Bass’ office, the executive order will accelerate and lower the cost of affordable housing and will also lift regulations that slow or prevent permanent or temporary housing for those experiencing homelessness.

Homeless encampment on Toriumi Plaza in Little Tokyo.

Homeless encampment on Toriumi Plaza in Little Tokyo. (FOX 11)

Several advocacy groups for the unhoused are praising the move, saying they have not been satisfied with the city’s response to the issue in the past.

Bass insists that despite the $1.2 billion for the city’s budget to tackle the homeless crisis, she has not seen evidence of change on LA's streets.