LA high school kids speak to mayor about gun violence

On Wednesday, thousands around the country are expected to walk out of class at 10 am for 17 minutes. One for each person killed in Florida's school shooting.

"They have the power to change the national conversation is really what this march is about," said Harvard Westlake student Eli Timoner.

We spoke to LAPD - they say they are prepared for a large number of schools in the area to have walkouts.

We're not just going to let this be a sensational news story. we're not just going to let this be a one time moment. this is a movement," said Eli Timoner a student at Harvard Westlake.

Nearly twenty kids bringing their the Mayor.

On the eve of the Parkland School shooting's one month anniversary, about 20 Los Angeles students sat down with Mayor Eric Garcetti to urge action in response to gun violence. They were clear they didn't think more guns were the answer.

"We do not want to arm teachers. I don't think more guns is the answer here," said high schooler Mikala Nellum.

They also shared their list of demands for lawmakers.

"Universal background checks, making sure that large capacity magazines, that they're gone, bump stocks. gone...The gun show loophole was something we talked about You can go to a gunshow and just get a gun. In my personal view, that is ridiculous. These are weapons that can do a lot of damage," said Ben Holzman with Hamilton High School.

Garcetti stressed LA has passed many restrictive gun laws.

He believes the answer here is a two-pronged one, with an emphasis on personal responsibility.

"You can change laws and people can still get guns. Vis versa, you can do a lot of education work but if guns are too easy to get, then you can still see violence....The larger area is what can we do around education and intervention. Can you go up to that student who is sitting by him or herself and begin to have that conversation," said LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

...a conversation starting with these students.

Many of the young leaders believe the meeting with the mayor is only a small step, the future of the gun debate is in their hands.

But they are encouraging students to stay on campus.

They say that's the only way they will truly be safe.

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