LA County Sheriff urges public to be aware of surroundings amid San Dimas follow-home murder

San Dimas Mayor Emmett Bader says for as long as he’s worked with the city, he can’t recall the kind of follow-home robbery and murder happening in his community before.

The shooting killed 42-year-old Nicholas Sambolin. The LA County IT worker who was assigned to the county CEO’s office was on his way home when the suspect allegedly started following him.

Sambolin’s wife found her husband dead after hearing the shot.

"Our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Sambolin, who are facing an unimaginable loss," said Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna.

Luna said surveillance video provided a major help in the investigation. The Sheriff revealed detectives obtained surveillance footage that hinted Sambolin was followed home from an electronic vehicle charging station in West Covina.

Sheriff Luna says Detectives put the information collected at the scene into the Law Enforcement Database. License Plate Readers in the city of Beverly Hills spotted the suspect vehicle Wednesday Night and Thursday morning, leading to the arrest of 33-year-old Jerrid Joseph Powell.

Why he was in Beverly Hills is still a mystery. The Sheriff says Jerrid Powell doesn't live there. He lives in LA. Luna said it's good he was stopped or he might have been scoping out another target.

The Sheriff used the opportunity to put out some advice on how to handle things like this, pointing out that it's the holiday season and these kinds of crimes could be more prevalent.

"We urge the public to be aware of your surroundings at all times," Luna said.

We also asked FOX 11 Police expert and former LAPD officer and former LA City Council Member Dennis Zine for his tips as well. 

"Anytime you drive into your residence and your driving up to your driveway and a car is following you don't go that driveway," Zine said. "Go to a place where there are people or go to a police station but we don't have that many stations throughout the city of LA or any place."

"If possible be a good witness," Luna said. "Take down the license plate or the vehicle description and know where you are at all times."

After being arrested in Beverly Hills Jerrid Joseph Powell was transferred to LA County Sheriffs, booked for robbery and murder and is being held on $2,100,000. The case will be handed over to the DA on Monday.