LA County homeless crisis: Residents seeing fights, prostitution after RV encampment moved into neighborhood

West Rancho Dominguez residents are demanding action against the growing RV encampment in their community. 

"It's very, very bad. First, one trailer came, and they started adding more and more and more," said resident Juana Vega.   

The RVs are parked on East 148th Street near Compton. Resident Cynthia Lopez says the influx of trailers has led to overcrowding, and the surge in the population has brought with it unwanted elements such as prostitution, drug dealing and burglaries. 

"They've been going into our cars and stealing things inside our cars," Lopez said.

"Some people come into the yard to take our stuff," Maria Vizcarra adds. 

Jose Nekoya, another resident, highlighted the escalation of conflicts among the campers, leading to frequent fights. 

When the residents report it to authorities and county officials, they say nothing is done about it. Their biggest concern is human waste. Vizcarra emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue, stating, "I think it's a health concern because they do their necessities in the streets, and rats are gonna start coming to our houses, and that's a concern."

The residents would like to see an overnight camping ban. They are requesting a meeting with County Supervisor Holly Mitchell, who represents their community.