Krispy Kreme to offer free doughnuts on Super Tuesday

Krispy Kreme wants Americans to get out and vote on Super Tuesday by celebrating "Doughmocracy," by offering customers two free glazed doughnuts. 

They're calling the promotion "Super TWOsday."

"While encouraging everyone to vote, our primary role on Super TWOsday will be to sweeten your day," Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer, said in a news release

The offer is available at participating locations nationwide, not just states that will hold primary voting on March 5. 

Super Tuesday refers to the biggest primary day on the presidential election calendar. Voters in 16 states will cast their ballots. 

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The elections are a crucial moment for President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who are the overwhelming front-runners for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations, respectively. As the day with the most delegates up for stake, strong performances by Biden and Trump would move them much closer to becoming their party’s nominee.

Super Tuesday has the largest delegate haul of any day in the primary calendar, representing more than one-third of the total delegates available in each party’s nomination process and more than 70% of the delegates needed to mathematically clinch either party’s nomination. Neither Trump nor Biden will be able to claim the title of "presumptive nominee" on Super Tuesday. The earliest that could happen is March 12 for Trump and March 19 for Biden.

FOX News and the Associated Press contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.