'It's chemistry, not calories': You can be slowing your metabolism by eating healthy foods, expert says

Are you working out and eating right but not seeing results? According to New York Times bestselling author and nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas, you can be slowing down your metabolism by actually eating the wrong healthy foods.

"It’s chemistry, not calories! Understanding you can have foods that are joyful and have better health benefits is really liberating," Recitas explained. 

She added that not all healthy foods are created equal.

"When it comes to foods, it is bio-individual so what's healthy for me, might not be healthy for you. You have to recognize that all the information about what we're taught to eat is based on studies. And if in a study something works for 75 percent of the population in that study you're going to be told eat this not that, but the problem is sometimes you're going to fall in the 30 percent that it doesn't work for," said Recitas.

Many foods can cause inflammation, which can lead to weight gain, and down the road to more serious medical problems. Recitas believes it isn’t just junk foods that are the problem. 

"I always say everyone is eating at least three healthy foods that are causing inflammation," said Recitas.

The key is to identify which are the foods that cause inflammation for you. Her 30-day program called "The Plan" allows you to test which foods are "reactive" to your body meaning those foods cause inflammation and it is best to avoid them.

Recitas said her list of healthy but highly reactive foods may surprise most. This includes greek yogurt, salmon, turkey, quinoa, green juices, protein bars, protein shakes, red peppers, asparagus, cauliflower

"The Plan" and "The Metabolism Plan" are sold on Amazon.

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