Incendiary device explodes in Austin, not related to prior bombings

Authorities in Austin have responded to an explosion that has injured at least one person.

Lori Brown, reporter for FOX station KDFW in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, posted a video to her verified twitter page, showing first responders heading to the scene.

Officials with Austin Police Department say the incident is taking place on the 9600 block of Brodie Lane, and are asking people to avoid the area.

According to FOX station KTBC in Austin, the area in question is a Goodwill store.

According to FOX News, at least one man in his 30s suffered potentially serious injuries, citing investigators.

According to the Associated Press, Austin Police say it was an incendiary device that exploded, and the incident was not related to prior bombings.

Gary Davis, president and CEO of Goodwill Texas, stood outside a police barrier huddling with other Goodwill employees. He said the device was contained in a bag and detonated when a worker moved it.

"We put all the donations we get in a big cardboard box. He pulled something out in a bag, completely normal, and the device went off," Davis said.

He added: "In this town, if an incendiary device goes off, everybody just scatters and panics. We're all on edge."

As a result of what happened, all Goodwill stores in Austin are now closed, as a precaution.

Since March 2, two people have been killed and four others seriously wounded in a series of explosion in the Texas capital city.

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The Associated Press (AP) contributed to this report.