In-N-Out Burger serving up free hot cocoa on rainy days

Not only does In-N-Out Burger offer the second "healthiest" fast-food cheeseburger in America, but the eatery also serves up something special for its patrons on rainy days.

At eligible In-N-Out locations, kids aged 12 and under and eligible adults can have the chocolaty treat for free.

So, how does an adult become eligible? The company says a child must be with you at the time of service. 

, In-N-Out’s hot chocolate is priced at under $2 per cup. However, it’s worth noting there is a surcharge for extra marshmallows.

The Southern California favorite makes its hot cocoa by using a chocolate powdery mix from Ghirardelli topped with hot water. 

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The hamburger joint added hot cocoa to its menu in 2018.