In Depth: Women in Non-Traditional Jobs

Hal Eisner is joined by Desiree Horton, a helicopter pilot for Kern County Fire. She discusses what led her to choose helicopter aviation as a career, her transition from news media to fire department aviation, and some of the challenges she’s dealt with as a woman in a non-traditional career.

Horton says that even though there have been some negative experiences in dealing with discrimination, that she has no regrets about her chosen profession and is still doing what she loves.

Two women workers for the DWP discuss their roles as well.

Alicia Dickerson does power system building and repair for the DWP. She offers help to the public to find ways of improving their power efficiency and conservation.She says the best part of her job is interacting with the public. She says it doesn’t bother her being a woman in a non-traditional role, but she sometimes feels a little uncomfortable walking into a stranger’s home. 

Jacqueline Ochoa is a water treatment supervisor with the DWP. She explains how she has worked her way up through the ranks, and says she feels the department supports women in non-traditional roles.