In Depth: State of recycling in California 2019

SEGMENT A: Efforts to "Recycle" Recycling

We look at the state of recycling in California and how the loss of China as a recycling partner has caused a glut of trash in recycling bins here in the United States. We talk to State Senator Ben Allen about a proposed bill in the California Legislature that he says will straighten out the confusion about what can and cannot be recycled.

SEGMENT B: What can You Recycle?

Do you find yourself asking, "is this recyclable?" whenever you toss something into a blue recycling bin? You are not alone. We talk to Jamie Court, President of the public interest group Consumer Watchdog; Kim Braun, Environmental Manager for Culver City; and Coby Skye, Assistant Deputy Director at the L.A. County Department of Public Works - about what can and cannot be recycled. We also visit Athens Services in Sun Valley, a recycling center that's using new high-tech equipment to sort through recyclable material.

SEGMENT C: Those Deposits on Bottles and Cans

The Panel talks about the difficulty many people are having collecting the deposits they paid at the checkout line and liquid containers.

SEGMENT D: Final Thought

A look at our new podcasts, and a final word from our Panel.