In Depth: Fake news, TreePeople, neighborhood councils

SEGMENT A: Fake News

We take on the issue of Fake News - and how to determine what's true and what's false when reading articles or posts on the internet. Alan Miller is the founder and CEO of the News Literacy Project. He's also a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist.

He addresses the challenge of today's information landscape, and he thinks news literacy education is the answer. The Project teaches elementary and high school students how to navigate the information minefield online. We will also hear from Valeria Luquin - a high school student in Van Nuys - who took the Project's "Checkology" course. She's now using what she learned in her journalism class.

You can listen to the What The Hal podcast on the News Literacy Project here.

SEGMENT B: TreePeople

Meet some of the people behind an organization called TreePeople. You may not know about them, but maybe you have seen some of the trees they have planted (and you didn't even know it). TreePeople has helped replenish fire-ravaged hillsides... and they have added some much-needed green to LA's urban areas.

SEGMENT C: Neighborhood Councils

If you live in Los Angeles, you probably have a neighborhood council, but you may not even realize it.

The councils were established 20 years ago to advocate for their communities at City Hall on important issues like development, traffic, and homelessness. Neighborhood Council Board Members are elected by their communities. Take a look, if you want to learn more.

SEGMENT D: Podcast Preview

A quick preview of our new true-crime podcast, "Christopher Dorner: Badge of Dishonor."