Hugo Soto-Martinez's staffer called LAPD asking for 'extra patrol' on Lexus; Public points out hypocrisy

Los Angeles City Council Member Hugo Soto-Martinez's staffer called LAPD asking for "extra patrol" on a white Lexus. That request left some officers noticing the irony of the staffer wanting help from police after the staffer's boss, Soto-Martinez, was so open about pushing for the abolishment of police.

In fact, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz refers to Soto-Martinez as "Mr. Defund the Police."

"Better yet, is Mr. Abolish the Police," Sandoz said, correcting herself in an interview with FOX 11's Gina Silva.

Soto-Martinez, who represents LA's District 13, has identified himself as an abolitionist on the issue of policing. But on Wednesday night, LAPD received a call from Soto-Martinez's office asking for "extra patrols throughout the night" for a parked white Lexus belonging to the Council Member because the vehicle broke down.

"Police officers have so much more to do than to go and do X patrol on anyone's vehicle," Sandoz said when she heard about Soto-Martinez's office's request. "When you are anti-police, abolish the police… then why are you calling for help?"

Those we spoke with in LA's District 13 also noticed the irony and hypocrisy.

"I think anyone who wants to abolish the police is like ridiculous because when **** goes down and something happens, it's negative. They end up calling the police," said a man FOX 11 spoke with.

"Sounds like he was maybe abusing his connections in a position of power to use that privilege to protect his property," said another person in the area. "That's not something that any average person would be able to do."

FOX 11 saw the staffer who made the request, David Mai. When FOX 11 asked Mai to provide a comment on his decision to ask for LAPD help, he declined.

FOX 11 also reached out to Soto-Martinez's office and received a written statement.

"It's come to our attention that a deputy staffer had some contact with the LAPD regarding his personal vehicle. We are investigating this matter internally and will be taking appropriate action. Council Member Soto-Martinez is very upset as this does not reflect the values of transparency, responsible governance and being accountable to the community that elected him."