Home threatened by Woolsey Fire saved at last second by Phos-chek

The Woolsey Fire was in full force six weeks ago the same day one of the most dramatic images was captured by a homeowner in Calabasas. He was certain he was going to lose his home, but one perfectly timed air-drop saved everything and led to a real estate disclosure most have never seen before.

Jeff Singer of Calabasas is one of the lucky ones.His house escaped the flames of the devastating Woolsey Fire in November, but just barely. Singer owes his house to a perfectly timed DC-10 air tanker drop that led to a real estate disclosure most have never seen before.

Within seconds, his 7,000 square foot home was completely covered in fire retardant or Phos-chek. The pink goo was everywhere, from the shingles to the patio to the pool. But Singer didn't care. He was just happy his house was saved, but his next challenge: getting that goo removed, especially because his house was up for sale at the time.

It took several crews weeks of pressure washing to restore the oaks of the Calabasas property.

The 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom is back on the market with a disclosure realtors, Missy and Jason Improta, have never dealt with before.

Singer is simply happy his house is still standing and even more grateful for the precision Phos-chek drop on that fateful November afternoon.