Hollywood Road Rage

Two drivers -- let's call them Drive One and Driver Two -- had been jockeying for lane position for several blocks. When there was an opening ahead of them, Driver One used his car to cut-off Driver Two. That didn't sit well with Driver Two. Both men jumped out of their cars and the fists started flying. Driver Two landed several blows right away and Driver One fell to the ground. As he did, he missed being hit in the head by a van by inches. As a matter of fact, if you look closely, it looks like the man might have bumped his head on the vehicle on the way down. Once on the ground, Driver Two continued to pound away, getting in another 20 blows. He then jumped into his car and got away, despite an eyewitness making a pretty good attempt at trying to stop him.

The Los Angeles Police Department says it got a partial plate from the cell phone video shot by another driver who has asked to remain anonymous. Neither man has filed a complaint and, interestingly, the LAPD says it is not clear yet whether either man would be charged, if found.