Fun holiday games for families on a budget

In preparation for the upcoming holiday gatherings, families are on the lookout for easy and budget-friendly game ideas to add cheer to their celebrations. 

Hungry, Hungry Reindeer

A game that requires minimal supplies is "Hungry, Hungry Reindeer," and chances are, you already have everything you need at home. To play, all you need are old or stale marshmallows, solo cups, and plates. Antlers are optional but can add a festive touch to the game. It's a quick and enjoyable activity that can be set up in no time, making it perfect for family get-togethers.

The rules are simple: participants wear solo cups on their hands as they attempt to pick up marshmallows and place them on a plate within a designated timeframe. The goal is to collect as many marshmallows as possible, adding an element of friendly competition to the holiday festivities.


For those eager to join in the holiday fun, the game is a creative way to engage family members of all ages. The simplicity of the setup ensures that even the littlest participants can enjoy the activity. So, if you're looking for an entertaining and cost-effective game to spice up your holiday celebrations, consider trying "Hungry, Hungry Reindeer." It's a lighthearted option that promises festive fun for everyone involved.

Let It Snow

"Let It Snow" requires a tissue box per person — we recommend a planet-friendly tissue box that is certified compostable — to add a sustainable touch to the holiday fun. 

The rules are simple: participants compete to empty their tissue box as quickly as possible. The energetic competition ensures a fast-paced and hilarious experience.

The game is a creative and budget-friendly way to make lasting memories.

Christmas Bow Scoop

Another fun game to play at your holiday gathering is "Christmas Bow Scoop," and all you need is used Christmas bells from years past or extra ones you have lying around, a spatula, a blindfold, and a plate.

Here are the rules of the game: Everyone playing is blindfolded. Whoever scoops the most bows onto their plate in 30 seconds is the winner. If there are no bows on their plates after 30 seconds, the game will go into sudden death, where the first person to scoop a bow onto their plate will win.