Hit and run motorcycle incident leaves couple badly injured

The couple from Tampa was visiting Los Angeles on a 5-day sightseeing trip, and on their way back to return their rented motorcycle, the accident happened.

The couple says a man in a gray Nissan Ultima crossed three lanes in their direction on the 110 Freeway near Imperial, then practically drove them off the road, then kept going.

The motorcyclist tried to veer to the right, but there was a dip that made the bike collapse.

They say the drive caused so much damage, their high-quality safety gear was torn through on the road. The couple were able to capture part of the incident with their attached camera.

The couple managed to get a shot of the vehicle's license plate, and it hoping authorities can take it from there. CHP said they are aware of the video, and they'll look into this as well as interview witnesses near the scene.