High schoolers react to Clinton, Trump presidential debate

As part of government class, seniors at Discover Charter Preparatory School have been studying the presidential campaigns. Part of their assignment was to watch the debates.

When we first talked with the senior class with just under 100 students, they were largely undecided.

Approximately 99 percent at this school are Latino. There are some students from undocumented families.

However, everyone in this auditorium knows someone, if not in their own family, that could be affected by each of the nominees' immigration policies.

They watched the back and forth on world affairs, ISIS, race relations, cyber security and the economy.
The style. The substance.

And students were swayed.

When we asked Ricardo Guillen who won the debate he told us, "To me, to be honest, I think it would be Hillary because she defended her questions really good."

Another student said, "She had a more professional look and she looked like she was prepared."

The political-talk didn't do much on the Trump side for these high school seniors.

Before the debate, we talked to a few who liked the Republican nominee. Nicolas DeHoyos said Trump "has good arguments."

"If he were to re-word some of the things he says, I would think there would be more support for him in the school."

Another told us, "He runs a multi-million dollar company. What makes you think he can't run America?"

Among the debate-watchers, there were still some undecided at the end. Daisy Ramos told us she remained that way "because they have strong opinions."

"They're both giving opinions instead of facts."

We asked the students to switch seats. The undecided to the left. Hillary Clinton supporters to the center. Those influenced by Donald Trump to the right.

There were none for Trump, and eight who remained undecided. About 25 sat in the section designated for Hillary Clinton.

Most were disappointed immigration wasn't discussed.

As Deodora Reyes put it, "I really wanted to hear about immigration. It's scary about thinking about losing some of our families and futures due to their presidential own beliefs."

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