Helping Santa Ana's Homeless

Homelessness in the Santa Ana Civic Center has been going on for a very long time, but now it's grown to a point that its very problematic for some people.

There are those like Thomasine Matthews who came here to do some business and left feeling "sad so many people are out here with nothing." Joncie Donenfeld, who was here to register her new clothing business felt, "uncomfortable" seeing so many tents and so many people living on the streets. She said, "it just shows that nobody cares."

Councilwoman Michelle Martinez and County Supervisor Andrew Do would disagree. He says he's been working on the problem for the entire 18 months he's been in office. He calls what's going on here, "a crisis and this condition is unacceptable."

Martinez describes the growing encampment by saying, "Santa Ana has been the dumping ground for the homeless population here in Orange county and we're fed up."

While the city and county haven't always seen eye to eye on how to deal with the problem they sound like they're both are interested in an ole bus terminal a couple of blocks away as a transitional housing location.

Do's says it's his proposal. She says, she likes it, but also wants a summit meeting to deal with this problem involving representatives of all 34 Orange County cities. That proposal will be considered by the city council Tuesday night. At the same time the council will consider declaring a public health and safety crisis because of the sprawling encampment.

Meanwhile, Do hopes to get the bus terminal up and running within the next thirty days.

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