HAL-POLL: Do you want the 2024 Olympic Games in LA?

Can you think of any one thing that 88% of Angelenos would agree one? Just one. Okay... the weather was nice today. Think of another. I'll help you. A new survey from the Leavey Center for Study says after polling about 2500 people they concluded 88% of us agree there should be an Olympics in Los Angeles in 2024. I did my own HAL-POLL asking people in San Pedro the question "Do you want to see the Olympics here in 2024?"

A large percentage said "yeah, absolutely, (because) I think it brings people together in the community." Ask the Mayor and he'll tell you, "I think the Olympics are in our blood. It's in our DNA." For Mayor Eric Garcetti that's probably true.

Garcetti has great memories of the 1984 LA Games. He was 13 then. Seeing Carl Lewis win the gold, the closing ceremonies and remember that feeling in Los Angeles at the time, he's a big fan and wants them back in 2024.

But, here's what some are talking about. When you make a deal with the U.S. Olympic Organizing Committee they'll give you 6-billion dollars to run the games. Says Garcetti, "If you can't spend the 6-billion to run the Olympics don't come back to us for more (money)." In other words, it's on us, the taxpayers. This, in a city that wants to spend a hundred million dollars to help the homeless and has big expensive plans for fixing sidewalks, potholes and so on.

To some we talked with community should come first. Some we spoke with who want the Olympics in Los Angeles don't want them at the expense of taking care of LA first. And, the Mayor says he agrees with those Angelinos. He says "I would agree with them. If we were putting $100,000,000 dollars or six billion into the games instead of homelessness I'd be opposed to it."

He adds,"we've been very clear that we wouldn't submit (for the games) if we think it's going to cost us. But, it won't."

His confidence is rooted in two things. One, LA's history of successfully pulling off the 1984 games when many other countries have had to spend their own money on top of the OOC's. But, with regard to the Olympic Organizing Committee's requirement that they'll guarantee $6-billion but, the host covers any overages, Garcetti is adamant it won't go over. The six-billion includes 1.5-billion dollars in cash up front and the rest in advertising and ticket sales. The Mayor says, "if we can't pull off a two-week event for under $6-billion dollars shame on us.

He says the bid has to be submitted in September of 2017 and it won't be if he thinks we won't come in under the $6-billion dollars.

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